Precision Textiles

Our prime focus and competitive advantage is centered on our innovative design.

The Precision Textiles division of PCC is a pivotal supplier of nonwoven fabrics as well as coated, laminated and multi-layered materials to the industrial market, serving manufacturers in the bedding (PFP hyperlink) (slumbershield hyperlink), automotive, healthcare, home furnishings, footwear, luggage, food packaging, protective clothing, and a range of other industries. Precision Textiles produces an expansive range of products from allergen-proof fabrics for mattress and pillow encasings, to mattress protectors that are mold and dust mite impermeable to novel, cost-savings pipe-liner fabrics that provide safe, simple solutions for mending civil plumbing.

Our prime focus and competitive advantage is centered on our talent for innovation. We have selected by many of the world's leading end-use manufacturers throughout a gamut of industries because of our ability to develop new and value-added fabrics that provide solutions to our customers' needs.

Precision Textiles' success lies in partnering with end-use manufacturers to provide products that consistently exceed their expectations at the best possible price. More than simply a valued supplier, Precision Textiles assists customers in every aspect of the manufacturing process, from research and development through production and quality control.

Our Products

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Flame Protection

Nonwoven thermal bonded and needle-punched fire resistant fabrics.


    Features and Benefits of Precision Textiles Air Filtration Medias
  • low pressure drop for increased efficiency and longer life
  • uniform fiber distribution and media depth that provides for high dust holding capacity
  • scope of production selection that allows for multiple product applications from one supply source
  • provides a wide range of performance levels to satisfy commercial, industrial and residential applications
    Wire Back Media Products
  • mechanical (non charged)
  • chemically bonded synthetic nonwovens that provide a performance range of MERV 7 through MERV 11
  • slit to specific customer width request
  • Self Supported Non Wire Back Media Products
  • produced through mechanical fiber entanglement and provide hi strength and high moisture resistance
  • available in the performance range from MERV 7 through MERV 8
    Polyester Hiloft Medias
  • up to 2" thickness
  • highly uniform fiber distribution
  • made to customer specification for performance, width and roll length
  • Needlepunch Media
  • offers superior strength and durability
  • offers a wide variety of ring panel applications
  • all products available with tacifier upon request
    Benifets Include
  • supplies a full range of weights and widths for the industrial filtration market
  • products range from chemical bonded to needlepunch medias
  • weight ranges from .8 oz per sq. yrd to 12 oz per sq. yrd
  • all are produced with synthetic fibers
  • custom products developed upon customer request for various liquid applications


  • Hood Liner Fabrics
  • Engine Side Fabrics
  • Engine Side Fabrics
  • Head Liner Fabrics
    Needlepunched and Nonwovens for Acoustical Purpose
  • Hush Panels
  • Trunk Liners
  • Seat Warmers
  • Vinyl Seating

Our hoodliners are of the finest quality.


    Cellular Shades
  • Cellular Shades
  • Drapery Headers/Bukram
  • Drapery Lining
  • Furniture Trade
  • Dust Cover Fabrics
  • Skirt Lining
  • Marking Cloth
  • Bedding ( SlumberShield)
  • Antiskid Fabrics
  • Flame Retardant Mattress Fabrics ( PFP)


  • incontinent Underpad Absorbents
  • Incontinent Underpad Laminates
    Barrier Products for Protective Apparel
  • EMS Uniforms
  • Hypoallergenic Fabrics
  • Mattress Cover Fabric
  • Pillow Cover Fabric
  • Mattress Protectors
  • Fabrics for Protective Mattress Pads


  • Oil Absorbent Fabrics
  • Odor Absorbent Fabrics
  • Super Absorbent Fabrics
  • Wet Wipes Substrates
  • Dry Wipes Substrates
  • Household Cleaning Pads
  • Industrial Cleaning Pads
  • Composites for Bedding Industry
  • Composites for Wipes Market
  • Composites for Healthcare Market
  • Composites for Filtration
  • Composites for Odor Absorption

For more information on SlumberShield bed
protection please contact us via:

Phone: (888) 635-2903

We are committed to delivering complete mattress protection from bed bugs, dust mites, liquid spills, mold and bacteria while maintaining the highest standards of comfort. SlumberShield™Mattress Protectors and Encasements feature Breathe-a-Barrier™, a proprietary laminating technology formulated to facilitate the flow of air without absorbing liquids. Our goal is to see your mattress and box spring safeguarded against the endemic of bed bugs in the U.S. by providing a wide array of sizes and encasement product options to choose from. If you are looking for a means to protect your mattress and box spring from dust mites, allergens, mold, bacteria and spills only, our protector line is perfect for you.

    SlumberShield™ guarantees that all mattress protectors and encasements are:
  • Breathable
  • Impermeable
  • Waterproof
  • Fully removable top for easy machine washing
  • Non-allergenic
  • Guaranteed bedbug protection
  • Protects against dust mites, allergens, mold, bacteria

SecureZzzip® With BedBugBanisher® Technology

SecureZZZip also features SlumberShield's proprietary BedBugBanisher® Zipper Lock. Our independently tested and certified mattress encasements provide complete impermeability from bed bugs thanks to our BedBugBanisher Zipper Lock and may be purchased in custom sizes. This gives our customers a peace of mind that their mattresses and box springs are protected even if bed bugs are present in the home because SlumberShield encasements ensure that bed bugs will be properly contained within so that their human hosts are protected.

Why Use PFP?

...because, from initial testing to final record keeping, we have you, and your beds, covered.

Product Quality

All products are chemical-free, non-toxic, breathable, and non-allergenic, while maintaining a lush, smooth feel. PFP products not only provide for FR compliance, but also offer added comfort, look, and feel to a mattress.


As a single fiber-to-finish, responsible, and reliable source for FR material, customers can rest easy knowing that their flame barrier is produced under one roof and is quality assured and tested to consistently meet the stringent standards Precision Textiles is known for. From yard to yard and from roll to roll PFP products offer the same stable protective qualities as were applied to the tested mattresses..


Precision Textiles works with its customers to educate them about how the products function and work for each individual application. Precision Textiles is capable of adjusting and customizing a product that will best suit customers' needs while always ensuring timely delivery with personalized attention.

Customer Focus

Our investment in technology, personnel, product development, and distribution networks are all engineered from the perspective of our customer with the goal of creating a product…and an experience…that fits seamlessly into our customers' manufacturing processes.

Stringent Record Keeping

Precision Textiles' assumes meticulous and uniform record keeping for all mattress manufactures it works with. The format and content of Precision Textiles' documentation is the same as that designed by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Were an audit of a mattress manufacturer's FR-fortified mattresses ever to be conducted, the ease of analysis could be prove to be an invaluable asset to quickly resolving any inquiries.

Expedited Solutions

The range of product types and compositions in the PFP product line provides for functionality across a myriad mattress types. Also, the quality of the FR construction affords a greater likelihood that a PFP product can more easily accommodate a manufacturer's specific needs.

PFP's qualified prototypes database of mattress burn tests also eliminates the need for a mattress manufacturer to build and test multiple beds to reach compliance. For mattress manufacturers with matching bed construction types, accessing the Build-A-Bed database creates the potential for shortening a process of testing and retesting that could take months to a matter a weeks.

Cost Savings

Beyond the inherent cost efficiencies of our nonwoven fabrics and production processes, Precision Textiles also provides products that can also displace batting material, saving costs for standard materials while also fulfilling FR needs.

As significant of a cost-savings benefit in working with Precision Textiles is having access to our database of pretested compliant mattress types, eliminating the need for qualifying mattresses to go through repeated testing. Because of PFP's record of qualified prototypes that have been burned in triplicate, mattress manufacturers with matching bed types need only to build and test one prototype to meet all current and anticipated regulations. Essentially, using a PFP product eliminates two-thirds of building and testing costs for mattress manufacturers.

For those unique mattress types that have not yet been incorporated into Precision Textiles' ever-growing database, we offer manufacturers assistance with the expense of producing and testing beds that qualify with CPSC FR regulations.

Also unique to the industry is Precision Textiles' consultation and assistance with building and testing FR compliant mattresses with no up-front costs involved, virtually guaranteeing any time and cost invested in becoming FR compliant will result in a mattress that will reach full production.

Safety & Reliability

The FR qualities of all PFP products are inherent in the fibers used to produce the fabrics, therefore the potential risks and unknowns of chemical additives and post-production coatings used by other FR products is completely avoided.

As an inert system, PFP products negate any concerns that may be present in alternative options on the market such as chemical leeching, FR degradation, possible carcinogenic effects, and breakdown over long-term use.

Precision Textiles has designed its FR products with the mattress manufacturers and their consumer in mind for the life of the product. Therefore, we have looked forward to consider and establish that as important as meeting compliance regulations for the short-term are, so to is the long-term viability of our products within mattresses. With no real long-term studies available in this burgeoning FR environment, Precision Textiles has worked hard to develop products that maximize the potential for lasting safety and performance, alleviating concerns of future scrutiny or reprisals.

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